Sold in July, back on Daft in August

Strange one: This place in Maynooth went sale agreed a few months ago and showed up on the PPR at the end of July for €269,750. Then a few days ago it was back on Daft for €275k.

Anyone care to make a stab at explaining that one?
Could the ad have been accidentally refreshed by the agent? Or could the new owners really want out after a month?

Suspicion would be that they may work in IBM/HP and have been offered a transfer to the US or something like this?

Either that or money laundering :slight_smile:

Signed contracts, backed out & lost deposit ?

It’s one of the shortest turnarounds I’ve seen to date. They haven’t done anything to it (I think they are using the same photos) and are putting it on at or around what it was up for previously. The theory on suddenly being transferred overseas seems plausible. Don’t support they could have moved in and found something structural or nightmare neighbours?