Solicitor fee for switching mortgage


I’m looking at switching my mortgage to a new bank in the coming weeks.

How much should I expect my solicitor to charge?


Budget for up to 1k

Ulster Bank still giving €1,500 towards legal fees for first timers and switchers.


Is this another example of how we are fleeced by the legal profession? How much SHOULD this service cost?


I recently got quoted €800 professional services plus an itemized list of expenses bringing it up to €1,250. What should it cost? Well, we need something to compare it to. I work in the tech sector. For custom work being done for clients, the day rate that is invoiced is €750.

I would have thought that moving a mortgage should only be a couple, few hours work. Charging a full days work for it seems a bit high, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying exorbitant.


So my bill from solicitor came to €1,255.

In fairness, he was on the ball on his end