Solicitor fees in 2013

Hi - we’ve been quoted the following estimate by a solicitor which I used once before in 2008, which I was happy with; is this competitive or not? I saw the other threads regarding this, but just thought I’d check - thought someone said that the house purchase side is the more expensive if there was a purchase and a sale involved.

It is for a house purchase in d.14 in a normal enough little estate. No house sale involved. Thanks in advance.

The low end is about here…

€950 + VAT + outlay here for a house purchase in Dublin. Fantastic service. Back to us within 24 hours whenever there is a reply from the vendor’s solicitor.

To whom are you referring?

1100 + VAT on a purchase in Bray by a friend recently

Sorry, I’m not quite sure what information you are looking for. I was just posting about our experience. If you would like details of our solicitor, I can pm you.

PM me too please. :smiley:

Could you PM me as well please - thanks.

And thanks all for the information

How much are you paying for the house? It is relevant in terms of the risk and importance to you and the risk to the solicitor.

The solicitor will have to disclose value of transactions on renewal of insurance and her premium will be charged accordingly.

I am guessing you are not buying in Bray.

450 approx

€1800 sounds on the low side to me for €450,000. If there is a mortgage or a first registration wiht the land registry involved then I would consider it dirt cheap. Obviously, some people who give files less attention or who are willing to work for relatively little money might do it for less.

Is the work not the same regardless of the cost of the house assuming the titles etc are straightforward.

Our purchase price is more than €450k and, as I’ve already said, the conveyancing is half what has been quoted to the OP.

I really don’t think that our solicitor could have paid any more attention to our file. As I said, back within 24 hours whenever a reply came back from the vendor’s solicitor along with many follow up emails, letters and phone calls to the vendor’s solicitor to try to get the sale moving. They have fantastic admin staff too which can be half the battle in progressing matters.

On the other side, the solicitor for the vendor is a very large practice who I suspect charges handsomely and all I can say is that their service and attention to files/detail has been nothing short of shocking.

€1,800 is the prof fee pre vat - i.e. very expensive.

We paid 950+vat recently+other costs.

All quotes (5) I got were from €850 - €1250 + vat for the prof fee - FWIW.

We got 3 quotes and I was surprise to see the difference!!! E850,E1200 and E2500 excl VAT. The first 2 qoutes came from firms recommended here on the pin and the last one from a friend. We are FTB, applying for a mortgage, for a E550 000 home

Forgot to add that the E850 quote is throwing in a new will in the package as well :smiley:

You are one unusual FTB (in this curent market) :slight_smile:

what is your age profile?

How the profile of first time buyers has changed :slight_smile:


I think the cleaners would have applied for the E800 000 mortgage LOL. We are 35- ish, 2 professionals, one in the private sector and one in the public sector. And yes I know we are lucky. We have saved for 7 years now and have a substantial deposit. We are making the plunge now because we are really tired of renting and at this age need a place we can call HOME. A transaction that we are going in with our eyes wide open and a heart beating fast - thanks to the PIN. 8DD

Was this long ago - they are now quoting the below plus outlay