Solicitor raided clients' accounts for €1.4m

So this leads to the obvious question where should such a solicitor live and if he has to move home will we see the Grand piano (so beloved by many Pinsters )on Myhome

A SOLICITOR has admitted taking €1.4m of clients’ money to pay tax bills and office expenses.

Earlier this week, the Law Society obtained High Court orders suspending solicitor Paul Madden from practice and freezing his assets.

The orders were sought after an investigation revealed the money, some of which was allegedly used for personal expenses** including the purchase of a grand piano,** was missing from the solicitor’s client account. … 78768.html

Look, if he’s a solicitor he’s entitled to a piano appropriate for his station in life. It’s important that clients see that he has a grand piano, not just a small one.


He should downsize to a fiddle - a much more appropiate instrument!

Or what about some time in a prison cello?? :open_mouth:

I think the Beggars Opera would be the ideal music choice for the grand Piano… not just because of the name

“It’s not a grand piano yer honour, it’s a novelty stapler.”

Pfft thats nothing Jim Stafford thought that your TROPHY HOUSE was an office expense


What’s that piano?
It’s a grand
A grand? Grand so. Do you take other people’s money?
Yes, that’ll do grand.
Grand, here’s a grand.
That’s grand, but I’m sorry to see it go, it’s a grand grand.
Grand you be. :blush: