Some clown called Pat on the Right Hook yesterday

I didn’t catch the intro to this so not sure which genius Pat it was (but I have my suspicions)

The discussion was House Prices and Hooky asked him about the >200k vacant properties. Pat dismissed them based on the sound reasoning that since they haven’t been on the market before why would they come to the market now?

Well let me see… HPI > 10% :smiley: HPI < 0% :angry:

Pat McArdle

Shhhh, we are not allowed dis them by name. :unamused:

Did you hear the whole interview, was the rest of his argument as thoughtful?

Some of it was good and it almost convinced me when he started talking about 4 consecutive negative months in 2001 followed by the surge until now and then he slipped in …but of course there was the stamp duty change then and interest rates were going the other way.

Brian Goggin CEO of Bank Ireland was on Last Word and in response to 250,000 empty homes suggested that thay were 2nd/holiday home despite censuss saying otherwise.

So it’s now Desperate Dan, Comical Austin and Pat the Clown. We’ll have a full comic stip soon.

How about “Pat McMuffin” (clown must be reserved for generic abuse, but muat not contraven pin article 57.2 “non glee policy” 8) )

Not to mention dropping the Bacon Report and new tax breaks. Also property was about 40% less than now.

Peronsally I always favour Brian Goggin over the CSO. What would they know?

Why sell when prices kept rising and you get 1% interest in the bank?
Now its all changed because prices have stopped rising, you might as well sell for 300K and get ~5% in the bank.

I’ve also pointed out before that a lot of these empty houses are ending up being transferred to the owners children, further weakening demand. This is a slow process but could continue to dampen demand for many years to come.

For Gods sake keep quiet - do you want to put a hex on us!

Ask a Stupid Question…
By the way I didn’t “dis” him for the record

I think that calling Pat McArdle a clown is an appalling insult
(to clowns obviously, a noble and ancient profession)**

I’m going to sound like an old grandmother (and yes I know I’m not a moderator), but we should really steer away from personal insults. Tackle the ball and not the man…

I believe they were talking about Pat McMuffin, right-o :unamused: Pat McArdle sounds like a honest bloke. SO we’ll leave it at that folks :smiley:

In my day, you took the ball, then the man was fair game!!! :stuck_out_tongue: