Some questions for Sean Quinn and Brian Lenihan

Was there any communication between Sean Quinn and Brian Lenihan before the state guarantee of the Anglo Bond Holders?

Was the inclusion of Anglo in the Guarantee discussed between Quinn and Lenihan?

How would Sean Quinn and Brian Lenihan care to respond to the following post from way back in 2008?

Does Sean accept that his reckless behaviour, however misguided in supporting Sean Fitzpatrick against speculators far from helping Irelands has helped destroyed us?

Will he personally accept responsibility for his and his companies Actions or does he intend doing a Quinlan on it?

Were either Sean or Brian involved with any discussion with the regulator regarding the purchase of the shares by the Anglo 10

what do you Know about this genius idea?

Do either of you expect any “RICH” people to go to jail.

and Finally
What does Neary Know?

Surprising lack of response so far… :unamused:

Quite pertinent questions too…I wonder if this is worth a Sticky…or even a few thousand A4 flyers to be distributed on Buses,Trains,Toll Booth`s and other areas where the faithful gather to worship ??

Unlike Iceland,Greece and many other places,we Irish really dont give a shytt.....Beer and Crisps will keep the pain at an acceptable level and sure isnt Politics a load of boring oul shyte anyway… BD

Not surprising. They are all stressed out it the bunkers in Kildare St terrified of the revolutionary council.

We need a visual image that can be associated with protest against nama etc. This should then be spray painted onto the hoardings of all mcnamara etc building sites. I can’t see blood on the streets in this boring country, but a little clever subterfuge might generate some more awareness :blush:

Ah…I see where you`re coming from…a V for Victory style of thing ?..or perhaps B for Bollixed would be more appropriate ? XD

A little tweak of a Banksy per chance?

Could stand outside Leinster House with a placard reading ‘Eviction Notice’ directed at FF. “Crony capitalists, get out of OUR house.” :angry: