Some Simple-Pin Facts

A little information to redress the balance as it has come to my attention that some believe is an offshoot of was not set up on foot of Brendan Burgess’ banning of innumerable users plus all discussion of property prices circa 2006 on the most widely visited Irish interest financial website

In fact was created simply because there was not a serious central resource devoted to the discussion of what was the clear manifestation of an asset bubble in Irish society.

So lets get it straight once and for all, those of us whom dared to see what was coming did what we could by most applicable or accessible means necessary to help understand the reality while seeking no recompense or role of authority.

Those who could not see the reality yet actively seek reward and public remuneration should genuinely take a deep breath while gazing thoughtfully into their heart of hearts and fear for what they may find.

Sadly to some the obvious most often falls within their acquired blind spot.

Open Window,
d-dum-founder-ed of,
estd. 14th JUN 2006

So if the “Current public sentiment towards the housing market?” thread hadn’t been locked, & users hadn’t been banned, there would still be the propertypin?

There would, tiger.

The pin was here before that thread was locked, with plenty of room at the inn. 8)

I think the PIN benefited from that thread being locked though.

That has been stated and recognised elsewhere ad nauseam whizzbang, although benefitted might be the wrong word.

Why would it matter why the Pin was started?
A lack of balance on AAM and in the media in general necessitated it’s creation.
Who gives a shite about the specific reason why or the inspiration for it’s creation?
The only important thing is that it is here as a counter balance to the many property porn sites out there.

This is a just the facts Ma’am, strictly the facts, thread.

Anyone have a fact they want to add in, feel free to PM OW or myself.

Hats off to Miju :mrgreen:

Quite a few posters from the first few pages of that thread are still posting here.

So after some 3 years in hidding the original and infamous “Current Sentiment…” thread from don’t ask about money dot com is back out in the open.