Somebody Somewhere Is Listening to 2Pack

On Thursday (late) 2Pack observed that … thetically

On Sunday the Sunday Business Post took up the gauntlet and asked the questions 2Pack told RTE to ask . The answers were PRECISELY what 2Pack expected them to be . Kudos to the SBP for being on the ball with this one, nice one David . … qqqx=1.asp

Now there is a known known if ever I saw one :frowning:

Bank 'economists ’ bang on about rate cuts that their bosses will not pass on , and these 'economists’know perfectly well they won’t.

If the banks wanted certainty they would GUARANTEE a lockstep reduction in mortgage rates as the ECB cut the base rate.

NOTHING short of that can possibly stabilise the housing market.

So what are you trying to tell us. 1 can make a difference. hum… I have some ideas on cold fusion and world hunger.

Check out the front page of business section of Sunday Times.
AIB dropped Fixed Rates on Wed
EBS dropped Fixed Rates on Fri
IP/TSB is to follow from Feb 18th
Ulster Bank has recently dropped rates
IIB have recently dropped rates

Fixes are a fraction of the market and if fixed rates are dropping you need to time your fix for when the fix cycle is at bottom …say getting a 4.5% rate for 10 years which is not possible now.

Fixing NOW is stupid, best wait .

Trackers are a fraction of the market .

Variables are the vast bulk of the market , they are not going to get anything from the first .25% ECB cut and will get a percentage of the second one at best.