someone want to buy while prices are still affordable...AAM

““I really want to get a house as early next year as possible when the prices are still affordable””

Don’t they read the pin?

Was at a lunch yesterday where someone was absolutely convinced that prices were just about to start to shoot upwards, and was worried about getting a house soon before this happened. The main sentiment (everyone was renting) was that rent was dead money.

Our master plan is to leave office ASAP.
Watch 5 years of misery from the sidelines and return to power with a bigger majority than Jack got. The peasantry, sorry - electorate, will have forgotten our willful mismanagement of the last decade.
We will come back in on a promise to increase house prices from a 100k average.
Then we will have 15 more years refilling our boots. Sorry - rebuilding a modern Ireland.
We’ve done it before and we will do it again.

Even we in FF hope the prices will only fall until then.

Anyone going to start a Price Rise thread any time soon?