Someone's still building apartments

Ashamed to say I can’t do the linky thing, but…

There’s a thread on (the electrical board) today - a poster who’s buying off the plans, with construction just commencing now.

Surely no builder is going down that road now, unless under extreme pressure from the banks ?

Why would anyone be buying off the plans now, with so much stock around ?

Sounds like a pretty bog-standard development.

Here you go!

The poster seems to be very clued in OK!

The builder must be thanking his lucky stars!

Oh yeah. Check out this. This one is asking how to get a loan to pay a deposit. People are telling him to go to a credit union because it won’t show up on bank records.

I threw him some nuggets

Anyone want to ask Kate directly, she might know? What are the banning criteria nowadays anyway?!

This is going to get me in the shit again here but…

the tone and tenor suggest to me there’s only a slim chance she knows what day of the week it is.

I was going to give her some non-electrical advice (ie to come on here) but who can reason with such bliss ?

otoh, perhaps she should be directed to that neighbours board thread re delays in completion. Where is that ?


Oh Jesus would someone PM that poster quick!

It would be interesting to invite the poster onto this thread to ask her about her thought process in buying an *apartment *off-plans now. Not to mention potentially massively beneficial to her.

Ed: Seems others have already mentioned this idea!

My first thought hearing developers selling off the plans was that you’d be looking at 5 years before they’re finished.

Don’t suppose there’s any sign of land values dropping enough for new pricing structures from scratch yet?

I know the site, but can’t find the thread on here where the thing was discussed.

As for land prices, was talking to a friend today from Laois, where 10ish acres are up for 290k. I know the location is hopeless in the eyes of many pinsters, but surely that is not the price of agricultural land is it ?

Marginally related to all of this, I was reading on the ‘construction’ that a blockie in the West is charging 70 cent a block. Have heard the same from Galway. That’s a huge drop on a couple of years ago - 30%ish.

There will always be people buying and some will deliberately incur negative equity to so do .


I confess that I didn’t get any feeling that the OP had deliberated to that extent.

Did it not make it up to €1.60 p.b. in Dublin, or even higher? Those lads used to be the highest paid on the site. Until BATU fecked it up for them by pissing off one of the big ten, who then stopped using bricks (from assorted recollections - possibly ever word open to correction)

Call me cynical, but is “Kate” even for real?

Is pretending to be a buyer making a stupid mistake the newest fad in trolling?

Regardless of whether it’s genuine, it’s interesting that there hasn’t yet been a single post in favour of the purchase. If it were on AAM it would have to be locked for not being balanced.

Just to even things up a bit I gave her a bit of encouragement.


Jesus, that thread is an absolute train wreck. A lot of very tetchy and stressed-out sounding people. And this exchange totally baffles me:

So, the show-apartment showed, erm, what exactly? How to tastefully use throws and cushions to set off the neutral tones of the Magnolia paint? “Oh, isn’t it gorgeous? Just look at those lovely lamp-shades! Yeah, let’s buy one. Don’t need to see dimensions, just show me where to sign!” Mind boggling.

Another exchange from this week:

Absolutely fuc*** disgusting. How isn’t this crap out-and-out illegal? What the hell is the point of solicitors and contracts and snagging and all that crap if you spend a fortune on one thing and get another? Jesus Christ. Thanks Bertie, great job mate.

And saw this on AAM, post dated 14 Feb 08:


This country is a frigging shambles.

Sorry Dalton but we get a little insulated here

many people still have that mentality…

What seems an obvious troll to us may be a real post

Friend bought an apartment 6 months ago…

wouldn’t listen to a word I said…

Seems it’s too late to save Kate!

From checking Kate’s other posts it appears she’s an office girl in Limerick, God help her if Dell closes before she gets her apartment!

I remember that place. The show apartment was a gem in the art of misdirection:

  • It was aligned on a north/south axis, ensuring that the bedrooms got sun all day: all of the apartments are east/west.

  • The marketing suite meant that the entire living room wall was removed. It was marked on the floor, sure, but you’d be amazed how much bigger an area looks when it’s open like that. If you didn’t know, you’d never realise how narrow it was/would be.

  • The pièce de résistance (or coup de grâce, depending) was the addition of an extra cupboard in the entrance hallway. If you looked in it, you saw various computery bits’n’bobs, and I’m fairly certain the idea was that it should represent the “networking hub” of the apartment. The trouble is that it wasn’t on the plans, and the addition of an extra two feet in the hall carried on through to the main bathroom, the master bedroom, and its en-suite.

Basically, there were no stops pulled in maximising the apparent space, and if you didn’t know to ask, you’d never realise it.

In that case, though, they were pretty up-front about saying that completion was end of '08*. Given that it was mid-'06 at the time, that woke me up to the time bomb. That, and the way they were asking for more than 3-bed houses in the area were going for…

*: granted, that was for a phase that they haven’t even started yet. This one will run and run…