Somerton House, Crecora, Co. Limerick (-800k, -34.7%)

Was 2.2m, then 2.3m … ?id=389089

Now 1.5m … ick/110191

has anybody seen this place? still way out of my league $$ wise this side of the default/devaluation/WWIII but this house looks the business!!! and limerick is just down the road to get my hash :smiley:

My friend is from Crecora and the Lotto is 10m tomorrow…

Beware property tax can seriously affect your bank balance

Nice house

Sold for €450,000 last month. … -1-5393802

Wonder why the EA didn’t aggressively market it at more realistic price before closing on 450k?

Says it all.

Interesting. Here it is on PPR … enDocument