Somerton, Hyde Park, Terenure, Dublin 6 (-100k, -9%)

was asking 1.1M

now asking 1M

€500 sq/ft.

What’s this gaff worth then? I would have thought € 550/600K …

I wouldn’t pay it, but i’d say it might get a bite at 800K today.
They have quite elaborate plans to extend, externally insulate and render the outside.
Back garden is north facing.
Good location though - beside bushy park and lots of schools on doorstep.

another 50K off. Hardly worth the hassle of dropping by so little.
Still, if they drop by 50K a month, might sell by Easter.

Two small drops quickly in a few months.

c. 2,000 square feet at c. 350 per square foot = about 700,000.

If anybody can fird the price this went for in 2004/05 I’d appreciare it. Can’t find it anywhere on net.

you sure it was sold then?

No not sure of the year, sorry :blush:

Can’t find anything in a search on interthingy. Supposedly went for € 1.6M???

Taken off market

Neighbour up asking 850k. Great back garden. Needs alot of updating. Would estimate 150 to 200k. Current bidding at 800k. Apparently offer made at viewing last weekend.