"Something needs to happen" - H.R.Clinton

Cause it’s happening?

Menace Keywords = extremism, maga extremism, Trump / republican extremists

So they all have their new framing talking point and keywords to dress and dance around the civil trial, and you will know them by their call for “re-education”, and was it not so long ago Clinton was glowing and laughing with Rachael Maddow, gloating no less, what great fortune, about the other events, the 4th arrest I think and now seem somewhat exasperated.


@BlameGame and you want to censor this! Are you a mad man! Maybe you need to be re-edumacated. :thinking:

“Conversion Therapy,” wha?

I suppose they wheeled out Hillary to say it first and then Obama will be asked about it and obfuscate a little but echo it.

It just shows they have no B Team. All the Democrats have is their boomers

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