Sophisticated cyberattack breaches IMF computers … 0720110611 … ttack.html … ack12.html

The IMF might be about to have a WikiLeaks moment!

A lot of dirty linen could be put on public display if the hackers release the “large quantities of data” into the public domain.

Oh no, have they got the code to the DoF credit card? Will they go on a luxury spending spree? Will anyone notice the extra spending?

No, but they might notice what they spent it on. :laughing:

“State based attack”. That’s mostly code for China these days. Wonder what they want to see in the IMF files?

IMF State-Backed Cyber-Attack Follows Hacks of Lab, G-20 → … state.html

Unless the data was deleted, I doubt it was “lost”. Would it not be more correct to say
"The IMF hack resulted in the exposure of a “large quantity” of data, including documents and e-mails, according to a person familiar with the incident, a security expert who declined to be identified because he wasn’t authorized to speak on the subject

Oh no! they didn’t get DSK’s little black book, did they??? :open_mouth: