Sorohan built homes

I see it sometimes on EA blurb.

Is it supposed to mean anything?

In terms of build quality…

…or style…?

As for style, I wouldn’t have a clue.

But build quality, they are good, they don’t knock buildings together like most did.

They are going ahead with the Trimblestown 2 project in Clonskeagh. I pass it everyday, and I was wondering why they are going ahead, and who they see buying them …

I was thinking the same thing… they must be one of the only construction companies in Ireland still building apartments!

I guess it’s a sunk cost - the big money was spent on the site (planning/development costs );

any idea of the the cost per unit? 100k?

This is the slowest project in Dublin and the reason for this displays the true nature of Sorahan.
While many other builders have ditched their staff, Sorahan has decided to continue building this
project using just their staff with as few subcontractors as possible.This is done out of a sense of loyalty
and respect for their staff, their abilities are second to none in the industry.I only wish I worked for them.

I think they will be a good bit more expensive than that.

I meant the construction cost… The value the land will also be reflected in the value as it should, albeit not the paid paid for the land

I really don’t know much about Sorohan, but I feel they are trying to position themselves as the Alexander Strain of the current era.

I see COsgrave touted occasionally and fom what I’ve seen I can’t say it’s anything great (though the apartments in Drimnagh are supposed to be good)

They built Cypress Downs, Templeogue in the 80’s, I believe they did estates in Foxrock? I’m going by the same tudor style homes in both areas…

I’ve always associated the name with well built houses. They definitely built some of the 70s estates in Malahide, including Biscayne. We moved into Ard na Mara when they were first built and I remember my father being very impressed with the builders, but I don’t remember if they were Sorohan or not. I think not…

Anyway, the reason for my reply - if we accept that such and such a house was well built back in the 70s and hasn’t undergone much in the way of renovation, how does it shape up by modern environmental standards? Quality of insulation/BER rating and all that? I’m moving back home after 26 years away and have a very long list of questions related to choosing a decent house… :confused:

i know someone who bought in cypress downs in recent years. These would have been originally built in the early to mid 80s.
They got the house re-insulated from top to bottom so I expect that, like any house built then, that the BER would be shite without some remedial work.

G or F rated without modification.