Sorrento Road Dalkey for 430k! … PCTD348780

Come back to me when its Sorrento Terrace :wink:

No direct sea view.

More of a Sorrento Terrace/Vico Road type guy myself!


Sold for “close to asking”. It looks like a house but it’s really a site because it needed to be knocked down

yep, discussed here

Was on Sorrento Road recently and saw this house revamped and WOW - you should see it!

The best way I can describe it is this: Imagine Nell McCafferty getting a makeover and coming out looking like Cheryl Cole (very hard to imagine I know and a major feat of engineering). The house wasn’t demolished but pretty much gutted, remodelled etc and yes, it does have the WOW factor - it’s AMAZING what can be done with a good builder/architect. Still no sea views though!

I’d settle for Sorrento.

It’s a little warmer.

Revamped, remodelled Sorrento Road now for … 865K!