Soundproofing - positive recommendations


Hi folks, I’m looking for any positive recommendations for city centre apartment blocks, buildings, developments etc with regard to sound proofing. Dublin 2, 8, 4 at a stretch. We have decided to leave our apartment, and want to buy somewhere close to city centre. We will rent current apartment out for a few years and then maybe sell. We’ve been here for 15 years, we love the apartment, it’s huge, great location, lovely design etc but the last 4 years have been hell as most of the units turned to Airbnb. We’ve barely hung in there despite the shitty behaviour of ‘guests’, including the usual anti social behaviour, having our door kicked in, a physical attack and an attempted sexual assault. With the recent downturn in Airbnb a charity has taken over one of the units above us for long term let and housed a family that have just brought anti social behaviour to a new level and made it impossible to continue living here. For our sanity we are moving on and looking for any personal recommendations of apartment blocks/buildings with very good sound proofing. I know apartment living, and that noise is part of this, so I am not looking for something unreasonable, but something where noise from neighbours is as good as it gets for apartment living.
Thanks for reading and any recommendations.


Apartments by their nature are noisy
Builders in general will not spend on soundproofing
I owned several apartments back in 2007 before I sold them all (timing was more luck and circumstance than knowledge )
The main problem is unless you go top of the market a high percentage of apartments in a complex will be rented out and therefore noise levels can increase overnight if the wrong tenants move in
The RTB have a list of rented properties on their website which you can filter down to any one complex but this can be wrong due to unregistered apartments and lag times in registering apartments
I know you said you like Apartment living but if the recent lockdown has taught us anything its the value of having a bit of outdoor space no matter how small
I Know you said southside but small 2 bed houses in good areas can be had at reasonable prices on the northside ,especially now , although I would hold off for a few months
2 examples


Thanks for your thoughts. I lived in an apartment in ballsbridge in the 1980s into the 1990s. You’d barely hear a sledge in the apartment above (bit of an exaggeration but it was deathly quiet over several years and different neighbours). It was quieter than any of the semi-d’s I subsequently lived in. That apartment block is too far away from work so not an option now. I had something close to that in the city subsequently but apartments never come up for sale there. Current place is middling, and normally perfectly reasonable disturbances from neighbours, but when paired with anti social neighbours it’s rubbish.


I’d like to downsize to an apartment as I’m not really a garden person but there is no way on God’s earth I would buy anything built in the last 20 years, and there’s a lot built in the 80s I wouldn’t touch either.

Also the legal setup here with regard to shared property is very much dependant on the quality and integrity of the management committee. I’ve kind of given up but I ended up with the following criteria, -

I’d buy something older that has been refurbished with improved insulation (e.g. one of the blocks at the end of Appian way) or has retired owners on the committee (don’t go near anything where the developer still runs the show - I mean that very sincerely) . Some management companies are good but they can vary over time (I have a friend in a block managed by Wyse and he had nothing but praise for them up until about 5 years ago - they seem to be appalllng now). Retired owners usually have time to get quotes etc and it seems that there is always at least one who is a retired accountant. There are quite a few places like this in Ballsbridge, Ranelagh, Terenure. In general blocks with elderly people in the outer suburbs are quieter - I’m not sure if the soundproofing is better or the inhabitants are quieter. You will end up with a poorer BER but if you get a middle floor facing south the difference can be huge. The thing is the good ones are very rare and once you start searching you get more discriminating. I kind of gave up in frustration - I will probably end up in a drafty urban cottage. There are some divided houses that might fit the bill but again good ones are hard to find.