Sources say EU, IMF and Ireland ready to sign off on bailout

Sources say EU, IMF and Ireland ready to sign off on bailout deal →,6274776,00.html

Only an hour ago on Radio1, the government whip John Curran said that the EU/IMF bailout deal had not been made…the negotiations will be concluded today in Brussels at a meeting attended by Brian Lenihan and the other finance ministers of EU member states.
Yet SkyNews is reporting that an international agreement has been reached on Ireland’s 85bn euro bailout package although the details have yet to be released.

Go figure.

Mr. Curran is again engaging in semantics. Of course deal isn’t done because Mr. Lenihan hasn’t signed all the relevant documents, but the others have agreed what Ireland is to do…

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BC reporting ~€30bn from IMF at 4%, ~€30bn from EFSF at 5% and ~€30bn from EFSM at 6%
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Statement from Brian Cowen at 6.15: … 83620.html

90b at an average of 5% - 4,500m pa. Even extinguishing the promissory notes v heavy burden

Brussels news conference now live on Sky
Rte Radio1 still discussing with a panel…

So it was the pork barrel deficit spend after all. 50bn of the 85. Get up stand up alright.

I thought we had agreed that 85Bn wasn’t enough to get us out of the hole? Thought it was more like 130Bn. Am I mistaken?

Depends on what the ECB want paid off. My guess is that nothing will be paid off…

RTE saying 5.8% ‘if all the money was drawn down today’

Are we just about to throw away the relatively good performance of the NTMA / NPRF?

We’re funding our a significant amount of our own bailout (17.5bn) ?
Am I hearing things right…

I heard it that way too temene

game over, transfer all cash to other currencies

last one turn out the lights

its all over

Yeah, we should transfer it all to what the German’s use :unamused:

How do you fund your own fxxxing bailout…??


5B from our own cash.
12.5B from pension

Liquidation. I want a monkey on roller-skates, a blender and the NPRF…

Interest rate to be decided next week, same as IMF pricing in line with Greece- according to Renn