South Hill, Dartry, Dublin 6 - surely further to fall?


I see this estate has had a few entries on the Pin over the years - so welcome more seasoned views on these properties - there are currently four properties for sale in South Hill, Dartry in leafy Dublin 6.

In order of price:

No 69 - 975k - in my view, this is probably the worst of the four

No 45 - 950k

No 28 - 950k

No 60 - 925k (this is the latest of the four to list - hence I believe the lowest price)

Would also be interested in views on the location too - any downsides?


Location would be considered pretty good I would have thought, not too far from Luas (I am guessing 10m walk).


The BER rating on these would mean it would take a lot of money to bring them up to an acceptable standard


No 28 dropped to 900k


Interesting - surely some of the others for sale in this estate will follow suit.

By the way - if they have set the ‘asking price’ at €900k, I expect that means they don’t have interest at that level…


It could just be a mechanism to get interest to hopefully drive a bidding war. There does seem to be quite a bit of activity in that price region in D4/6 and some places which had been around for ages are now going SA.

It will as you say be interesting to see if the others follow suit.


nice location but mega average houses, that arent huge,

one would assume to get them up to say 200/220 sqm plus a modern BER, remodel etc, its easily 3-400k.


I totally agree…you can smell the old people in some of the photos…




It was said mostly in jest…


Well, as predicted in the title of this thread - further price falls have eventuated.

No 28 - advertised above at €950k - now down to €900k (5% drop) - bear in mind, if they’ve reduced the price to €900k, they clearly don’t have offers at that level…I’d say they’d bite the hand off €875k…

Check out this property I found using Daft:


No. 41 sold for €1.29M. on the PPR. Seems to be an off-market transaction.

Anyone know why this would fetch one-third more than its neighbours?


I’ve a family member looking in this area who enquired. It appears there is quite a bit of interest with bidding heading towards €1m


I’ve said it before, but it’s not a given that a house in the property price register means it has sold (or sold at arm’s length). There’s no sign of any movement in the Land Registry on the ownership of that house but as the sale was only a few weeks ago that’s not unusual and it might follow in the coming weeks.

Notwithstanding that, and assuming it has genuinely sold for the sake of analysing the sale; 41 South Hill was 270 sqm in size, with south-facing rear garden set out in multiple landscaped terraces with pleasant views over Temple Park and beyond thanks to its elevated position. Its closest comparable on the market at the moment is 45 South Hill asking €950k (down from €1,050k), which is on the same stretch of street. No. 45 has the benefit of being detached but is significantly smaller at 195 sqm and it’s a slightly more modest looking house - 41 is slightly grander and has a prettier rear elevation with part redbrick / part pebbledash complete with bay windows. Without having seen the inside of No. 41, just looking at the front and rear facades, it looks like a house that has been updated, e.g. all windows recently replaced and modern coloured gates, walls, etc. So in short I expect it’s probably a move-in ready house that is 38% larger than No. 45, hence potentially justifying the 35% differential in prices.


This is interesting
Asking 950k, no interest
Reduced asking to 900k, and now bidding close to €1m…
It does go to show - as often pointed out here by many Pinsters - that asking price drops really mean nothing in isolation.
Need to look at actual sales prices.