SpaceX - The Quest For Mars


That’s what they want us to think. :nin


Its should be easy enough to find out, if nobody sees it in orbit in the next week or two then it failed to reach orbit

But SpaceX did claim that everything was fine from their end, so who knows what happened


Falcon Heavy launch set no earlier than January 25th. Static fire test of engines later today.


The Kiwi rocket reached orbit


As someone who works with a kiwi, there’s something very funny about hearing the countdown in his accent.


The Falcon Heavy now has a launch date of Feb 6th

There has been no delay to SpaceX launches so from their end that launch was fine, it looks to me that this was different to a usual spy satellite and like you say they just want Russia, China ect to think it failed

It looks like the Ariane 5 which one of the most reliable launchers just had a failure, it happens to them all eventually


Launch imminent. Let’s hope it succeeds. Musk seems to think the odds are 50/50.


Phenomenal achievement. Maith an buachaill Elon


Phenomenal achievement.
The two rockets landing together was a truly spectacular sight.

Forward to 9m 17secs.


Looks like they lost the centre core

I think they would have took that result before the launch


The Payload , a Tesla Roadster


Another view of the returning boosters. Cool delayed bang from landing burn ignition.


It was truly amazing.

Who could watch those two boosters landing together and not think we have made a huge leap forward into the future.

The core not landing was like loosing the cherry from the cake. No doubt SpaceX will learn what went wrong and make the next one better. As Musk says “if you are not blowing stuff up, you’re not trying hard enough”

Not confirmed but apparently the Centre core came in hot and suffered some damage to a Grid fin so it lost some control authority. It slammed hard into the sea about 100m from the drone ship and knocked out two of the drones 4 thrusters and spread debris over the deck. TBC

Awsome just Awsome. I almost shed a tear.


The core came in hot because two of the three engines failed to reignite. It happened because they had run out of ignition fluid. Easily remedied.

I love the utter futility of sending a car into orbit around the sun but I feel even that is topped by the fact that the car turns out to be a convertible and so the little speaker on board will be banging out “Space Oddity” for years and years and years Without. Making. A. Sound.


Absolutely. Just beautiful.

And he’s blowing it up so other people don’t have to. Another Musk quote I liked from the other day:

“If we’re successful in this, it is game over for all other heavy-lift rockets. It’ll be like trying to sell an aircraft where one aircraft company has a reusable aircraft and all the other companies had aircraft that were single-use where you would parachute out at your destination and the plane would crash-land randomly somewhere. Crazy as that sounds - that’s how the rocket business works.”


Some more Falcon Heavy launch reporting, with some interesting commentary from Musk. I also thought it gave a good sense of being at a launch, including being able to feel the sound, which I distinctly remember from an STS launch.


It’ll be audible when it’s recovered into a cargo bay by tractor beam, some day…


This is a good video about the sound, kind of wondering why I didnt go out to see it now, have a shitload of holidays stored up at work:


Maybe the real plan is to found a colony of “men only” on Mars because …

I cite the following early conceptual artwork for his first Mars Colony by Elon Musk (excerpts from his memoirs). Here we see a depiction of a young Elon Musk in his Mars living pod with his trusty cybernetic Tiger droid assistant.



I agree there were a lot of men in the audience.

However many don’t know that the President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX is a female engineer called Gwynne Shotwell.

SHe as much as Musk is the reason for the success of SpaceX.

It’s a pity she isn’t more widely recognised as she is an excellent female role model.