SpaceX - The Quest For Mars

I’ve always gotten a whiff of the “boys from brazil” off the Musk story of all those children being conceived using IVF and then she leaves him. :thinking:

Then ya find out, former Nazi Wernher von Braun (sorry German Engineer :joy:), made good as Head of Nasa writes book that:

And sure we all know about the CIA reports on Hitler being in South America, sure didn’t his brother work at the Gresham in Dublin, and didn’t we all learn this at school, but nothing like a highly granny photocopied a zillion times fax like image to make the case of his retirement years :wink:

Then there is his sister in law who said he went to Liverpool to study Art for a bit, a stint in the Uk no less, it’s all very you know… :icon_beer:

Elvis. Story missing him. :joy:

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