Spain: Gov-It's Bad, Getting worse but a good time to buy

Reported by The Guardian, story by Reuters, Tuesday June 10 2008

Seems the Minister believes Spanish developers are not like their Irish counterparts and are prepared to move on price early in the down turn.

Blue Horseshoe

Shouldn’t they wait at least two years first for the ‘blip’ to end? It would be an awful shame if any of these Spanish developers wound up ‘giving houses away’ for less than what they’re ‘really worth’, because of a ‘temporary blip’ in their property market.

We should send Austin, Dan & Tom over to teach them how to effectively manage a ‘slowdown’ in the property market.

Anything to get rid of them…

Why don’t they just rent a function room in a Dublin hotel for the weekend and sell them here?

Nunca ha habido un mejor momento para comprar 8)

And according to an independent consultant on Spanish property:

Meanwhile, according to a VI, there’s never been a better time to buy! Cheeky bugger.