Spaniards may lose HSBC Tower over debt

Didn’t they purchase the HSBC building at about the same time as Quinlan Private bought the Citigroup building? I wonder what the financing on that looks like.

This shows you that we are wrong to trust the opinions of people high up in organisiations. At the time they were doing this deal I remember being completely exasperated telling my wife that I just couldn’t understand the logic of buying this at the very top of the bubble. I said that the decision makers couldn’t have done even the smallest amount of research.
I am can’t believe I was proven right. I am still searching for a reason the probably London School of Economics/Harvard/Yale etc Graduates couldn’t out think me. I mean WTF. :unamused:

I often think the same myself but then as it was pointed out to me I don;t stand to make a 6/7 figure bonus contingent on the deal happening. If I did… well maybe then you could call me Parlon.

Good point. :open_mouth: