Speculation as to Politicians & Players who might have had adverse reactions to the poison

Don’t know… in the US neither Gavin Newsom nor Jen Psaki have been seen for ten days or so. Newsom had just got his booster & Psaki had tested positive for Covid.

Rumours Newsome has Bells Palsy. Excellent.

The other bint hopefully has something worse, like a short illness.

The Newsom story first bubbled up last Friday but the most interesting part of the story is that his only public appearance so far was a short appearance at the big Getty wedding in San Francisco. He wore a mast the whole time and skipped the reception…


Newsom goes back a long long way with the Gettys. There is no way he would not have turned up at all pre and post parties unless there was something very wrong. There is a big photo spread of the wedding in Vogue and and almost no one is wearing masks indoors. Except for the Newsom group and a small number of other people.

So Bell’s Palsy sounds like as good an explanation for this bizarre behavior as any.

EDIT : might be Guillain-Barré according to the local medical rumor mill.

Robert Malone posted a tweet about GBS but then took it down afterwards, saying it was conjecture. Yes I understand the California families are quite connected - saw this posted elsewhere a while back:

Update on Gavin - apparently there was an ad for lookalikes on backstage.com?

He made an appearance at one of the lefty Dem party special interest group “conferences”.

No Bells Palsy but he looks seriously medicated and not very healthy. Turn off the sound and he looks very like he did when he used to be “tired and emotional” from using too much Bolivian Marching Powder.

A very big change from his physical appearance before the booster. He did not look this wrecked even when it looked like he was going to lose the recall election. Before the fix was in.

@TheCountryChef Ah now, we never wish ill on those who seek to enslave us, that’s their game. :icon_beer:

Celion Dion too?

In a message posted on Instagram this Tuesday, October 19, Celine Dion announced the postponement of her concerts scheduled for the coming months, due to health problems. “My heart is broken by this decision,” she wrote. “My team and I have been working on our new show for 8 months and not being able to take the stage in November saddens me beyond words.”

She continued by confiding her grief “to disappoint her fans who had planned to come to Las Vegas”. “I feel terribly bad to let them down (…)” Now, I must concentrate on my health to get better quickly … I want to get out of it as quickly as possible. " His team had issued a press release. in which it is revealed that the Quebec star "suffers from severe and persistent muscle spasms which prevent her from performing on stage. Her medical team continues to assess and treat her, but the symptoms she is experiencing do not allow her to participate in rehearsals for the new show. "53-year-old artist was to inaugurate a new show at Resorts World in Las Vegas on November 5 for 15 days as indicated the Parisian . “Shows were also scheduled from January 19 to February 5, 2022, also canceled.”

Our colleagues here have heard from the singer thanks to one of her relatives. “She can no longer get out of bed, move or walk, reveals a relative. She suffers from pains in her legs and feet which paralyze her. She is very weak and has lost much weight.”

Src: Celine Dion paralysée : Les dernières nouvelles concernant l'état de santé de la star sont très inquiétantes !

Could be something else, she’s a bit too skinny lookin’ all the same. :hamburger:

That diagram could be drawn (with different players ) for every generation of political players in the City since Donna Briones first built her house just off what is now Portsmouth Square in the 1840’s. Even the last election under the old Mexican rules, in 1849, was a slug fest of “insiders”, even though the population was only a few thousand and no one had lived in the place more than a few years.

William Newsom is “old” San Francisco. Ran Pat Browns campaigns when Brown was purely a SF politician before and after the War. And various Getty’s have been kicking around Pacific Heights since the 1930’s. Pelosi is a pure blow in. She is only a player because she inherited the Burton political machine in the 1980’s whose roots go back to the 1880’s and the Chinese Exclusion Bills.

The Democratic Party machine in San Francisco has always played race bating politics. First against the Chinese, then the Japanese, then the Blacks and most recently since the 1980’s against whites and asians. Which might have worked when the city was almost 40% mexican/ black and growing back in the 1970’s but now its below 20% they have a problem. There is a major change on the way. It funny hearing all the “ultra progressives” get all defensive now that Prop 47 and Boudin the DA means that people are being robbed at gunpoint and shot in broad daylight in places like Haight St. By people on the streets because of “criminal justice reform”.

Its going to be fun to watch these idiots getting mugged (literally) by reality.

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Gov. Newsom Family Vacation: $29K per Night at Cabo San Lucas Villa

Was this one the reason to visit?