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Maurice Keane, a director of Anglo Irish Bank, which is placing 50% of its loan book with NAMA at a 35% plus discount, has been appointed to the selection committee of the NAMA management. Sounds like a huge conflict of interest to me. Actually, it beggars belief. When will our movers and shakers learn that there is such a thing as an ethical question?

With apologies to “Yes, Minister”

Care to supply a link to this Maurice Keane story, Yes Minister we’re grand for…

To be fair to Mr. Keane, he spent his time in BoI, retired before the bubble and was a Minister of Finance public interest appointee to Anglo.

I think the story here is that Anglo, which theoretically will still have assets of 60+ bn following NAMA, is considered less important for Mr. Lenihan’s trustys…

aint no such thing. There are executive and non executive directors. There aint no such beast as a public interest director.

A rose by any other name, etc…

An applicant for one of the positions in NAMA gave me the information. Brendan McDonagh, John Corrigan, and Maurice Keane were the names mentioned.

well hes already on the NPRF commission…nprf.ie/Commission/commission.htm

No. The story is that people should recuse themselves when they perceive that they have a conflict of interest. Unfortunately, we Irish seem to embrace it.