Sports People Killed and Injured by the Shots

Edit: clarified now as not vax related:

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" Before COVID-19 vaccines, the average number of cardiac arrests in all of the European soccer football leagues, which is way more players than the NFL, the average number of cardiac arrests was 29 per year. That’s before the vaccines. The vaccines are ushered in in 2021, and since that time, the tally now for cardiac arrests on the field with professional sports players in Europe — 1,598! "

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A commentator not a sports star. Apparently, healthy 45 year olds having strokes is a thing now

The 45-year-old revealed she had been struck down over the new year and that her movement and speech were still badly affected.
A post on her Twitter account read: “Hi everyone, been quiet the last few weeks, this is because I suffered a serious stroke two weeks ago. My husband is helping me type this, as I’m finding it hard to write and my speech is most affected.

Poor kid, RIP,…whatever the cause.

Could’ve resulted in a vacccident.

They continued: “When he started having a cardiac arrest. He started driving zig-zag, so, the vehicle that was just driving behind him, when they saw he was not driving safely. Then he eventually parked, and came out of the vehicle and fell”.

Good Lord.

Cambodia! Now that’s trawling the ends of the earth to stir the sh*t.

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