Sports People Killed and Injured by the Shots




Blood clots
Sudden changes in temperature cause thermal stress for the body - which has to work harder to maintain its constant temperature.
In particular, research has shown this makes it more likely for people to suffer from dangerous blood clots during winter.
Study authors, from a hospital in Nice, France, suggested that respiratory tract infections more common in winter might make patients more vulnerable to blood clots.
They also suggested that chilly weather might make the blood vessels constrict, making it more likely that blood clots will form.

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Cold weather causing circulation issues has been known for years, only difference this year is that it can mask other causes as well.


Ah the endless normalisation of the geneocide, it know no limits, of course it wouldn’t, but it has already reached the lowest low already.

I see people dispute there is a dispute in the twitter covering the candnain kids strokes campaign, but the piece links to more than just that observation, anyhow is the is what they meant by new-normal.? :whistle:


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BBC sport reporting it as well.

Does anyone have any reports on recent hospital admissions showing an increase in heart or stroke patients relative to previous years?


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Two matches delayed due to medical emergencies, the BBC reporters seem to be seeing a trend.




Two in one game in Germany:


“Two players who had recovered from Covid 19 disease collapsed after their away defeat in Jena. Berlin’s trainer reports on dramatic scenes.”



Two students of University of Sport and Health Science in Wroclaw Poland dead in one week.

They took the vax to continue in the college. One of very few instances where the family is confirming the Vax status.


The 33 -year -old from Klagenfurt is a footballer who started his football career in Carinthia with the Carinthian Black Lions and moved to the Tyrolean Swarco Raiders in 2007. Unfortunately, he died last Friday. From UNKNOWN reason.

World Cup in 40C will be some interesting experience which gonna leave Zombie Apocalypse well far behind. One would wonder in The Monsters didn’t plan it in advance.


Artur Kupiec is dead. I was 49 years old. Information about the death of the former footballer and coach was provided by the daily “Echo Dnia”.


I was always told sport is healthy and smoking and drinking is bad for you. Makes you wonder…

Boris Sadecky, a Slovak forward who played in three IIHF tournaments, died 3 November after collapsing during a game in Dornbirn, Austria against the local Bulldogs. Sadecky was playing in the cross-border ICE Hockey League for the Bratislava Capitals last Friday, 29 October, when he lost consciousness during play towards the end of the first period. The game was immediately cancelled. He was transported to a local hospital but never recovered. He was just 24 years of age.


A stroke during training, then the hard struggle to survive: for the champion, unfortunately, there was nothing to do. He passed away when he was only 32 years old




I only saw this high profile one now-Victor Lindelof of Man Utd:


Today it’s Zielinski of Napoli: