Sports People Killed and Injured by the Shots



That was October. Now he has had Covid. Still suffering. Regrets not getting vaccinated. And will get a vaccine after recovering. Wall to wall coverage.


Well it is a point in their favour


Experts, easily frustrated. Good.


Shit happens & it possible to be unlucky & get a severe dose even if fit & young. But an outlier statistically.


There was a third one of these in the top-flight of a European league last weekend-Martin Terrier of Rennes. That pose is becoming all too familiar now…




My GP other day - we’re not seeing any side effects from the vaccines. There’s really fuck all elaboration required.




Le Tiss has been doing more mazy runs lately even than he did back in the 90s


Proud Slavic blood stays pure.
Could it be that the holograms and robots will be competing in few years time?

Teen sensation Olivia Gadecki set to miss Australian Open after failed talks on COVID vaccine stance


They may well change their position to accommodate Djokovic:


I know this has been alluded to by @jmc and others but I saw this on Twitter and it made me worried

Keep seeing that younger men are most at risk of pericarditis. Has anyone stopped to consider that these are some of the most active people around? That perhaps the risk is more widespread, but the problem becomes acute during intense physical activity?


I assumed that all along. Mrs Pill vaxed and has taken my advice not to overdo it in the gym. I’ll accept the extra grip.


Nobody really needs to hear Matt Le Tissier question Covid-19

Vaccinations have been linked – without any basis – to incidents like Christian Eriksen’s collapse at the Euros. A FIFA study into sudden deaths among players completed before the pandemic shows there has been no upsurge in fatalities. In fact, fewer players have died because the game was put on hiatus last year.

Simply amazing, FIFA must have fired up the DeLorean


What a complete spanner that bloke is who wrote that article. Very low IQ.




And so they did; fair play to Djokovic for standing his ground.