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Proportional representation isnt…!

You end up with situations where some people landslide in and the few votes left over are distributed amongst the
rest of the candidates…yet each candidate gets 1.0 votes in the dail.

TDs should have a vote equal to the number of people who voted for them.
Say 1.0 is equal to the quota

if its 10,000 votes you get 1.0 of a vote in the Dail
if you get 7,000 votes you get 0.7 of a vote :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

that would be proportional :slight_smile:

Major flaw here - You can register to vote using a form printed at home
one page you fill out who you are
next page Garda signs and stamps to verify first page

Major potential for voter fraud there

I think instead of allocating seats by the size of the electorate, they should allocate them by the number of people who bothered to vote in the last election. So if the turnout was 60%, you get 40% fewer TDs than your population would suggest.

It may involve slicing some TDs, but I’m willing to set my squeamishness aside.

15% of the electorate still voted FF.

This suggest a rudimentary intelligence test, or at least a basic brain function test needs to be performed before handing over a ballot paper to anyone !

Ireland - Pop. 4m - TDs 166
UK - Pop 60m - MPs 650

Either we should only have 43 TDs or the UK need 2,490 MPs.

Actually! Maybe that’s why the UK is fucked! What with them frozen out of the bond market and having the IMF… Oh!

I heard someone saying once that if Chinese people had the same amount of representation in their national parliament as we do they would have something like 85,000 mps

good one. but why do it based on the based on the last election and not this one? It means we might have a few less TDs but as others have pointed out we have too many to begin with so that would hardly be a problem.

We need a vote management strategy that ensures that as many as possible get sliced.

So if more people bother their arses to vote in one election, they’re rewarded in the next with more seats.

But yes, I accept your modification as a good one. Set a national quota and allocate the number of seats on the day depending on the poll. As you say, it would vary the number of seats on offer… make election day interesting every time… it would also make not voting in a constituency a positive act.

Irish abroad cant vote

Is there some elegant way we could say have, 80 TDs; but they wouldn’t be tied to any single constituency or other, so we get away from this ridiculous position where we are voting for our national representatives as if they were local councillors ?

People in Cork South Central CAN VOTE and gave FF 30%
Major flaw :angry:

Laois-Offaly has adjourned for the evening with no-one elected. Unfortunately they’ll restart the count tomorrow…

I still think Limerick is worse. Cork can still expect some grace & favours from MM, but the 'tash has done fuck all for anyone but himself; & the gobshites still vote for him in droves XX

And people wonder why I have a problem with biffos, you don’t count YM cause you’re only a blow in.

yeah, I know my options were parties i dont like or independents that in no way represented me
so if i could have the choice of say voting outside my constituency i would have taken it this time around

The surest sign that democracy is working is the number of people on this thread bitchin’ and whahnin’ about other people being allowed to vote. :slight_smile:

The surest sign that PR is working is that my 13th/14th place votes for Richard Boyd Barret and Ivana Batshit respectively worked out perfectly. 8DD

Ceann Comhairle should not be automatically re-elected

Quotas are not equal across constituencies not even close in alot of cases

+1 on cc.

while some constituencies are over represented quotas are influenced by turnout and seats available

PENCILS used not PENS!!!

Blanks should be allowed to be marked with a dash if you do not wish to give anymore candidates a preference