Spot the the difference - Ireland Vs Israel



Remember this joke?

“What’s the difference between Ireland & Israel… about 4 weeks.”


No Vaccine No Food - Supermarket in Israel Checking Vaccine Papers

VIdeo @ SRc:


Can’t go anywhere without phone or internet connection.

Won’t be allowed to buy won’t be allowed to sell.

Discount in Stores if you have the vaccine… so cool!

The Nightmare That Builds Utopia?

I disagree with this. I see all Israeli behaviour in relation to vaccination as indicative of Jewish high neuroticism.


Thats’ grand and all but Leo’s is mates with them or something so he thinks it’s deadly and sure, they’re trying it Irish styling, applying the hourly go’wan go’wan go’wan via the media 24/7

The Ms Doyle protocol has worked in the past.


Come again?