St Brendan's, Firhouse Road, Templeogue (-700k, -42.4%)

was asking 1.65M

now asking 1.35M

This house is situated right beside a halting site. Big ask for 1.35m.

i was wondering what they were hiding in the pic :open_mouth:

Still 1.35m

Pointless thread bumping :unamused:

Considering there are so many drops and this house has not dropped price since around Jun 16, 2011 I think it’s interesting!

Seems like tha majority of houses listed for that long incur probably more than 1 price drop!

AND the original link doesn’t work!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

950k … 16/1475749

Genuinely, who would buy this to live in with a halting site right behind it?

Would make a good site for a lidl/aldi but would they get planning?
Ballyboden St Endas could get a couple of pitches out of it.
Could be a residential development?

Yeah , and if you look closely at Google Maps you’ll notice various tracks through the grass emanating from the Reservation camp to the sheds to the rear of the property. Kinda makes you feel like General Custer :laughing:

I wouldn’t even stay the night for B&B !

Yeah or another Halting site :-GC

Here is the link:

There is significant dumping at the boundary, and the property was broken into quite often it would seem. The only new thing there is the alarm.

another drop today…a whopping 5k! standing at 595k with that AMV bit gone!

this was up for auction last wednesday - obv didn’t shift. I wonder did they get a single offer.

I’m sure there would be some interest around that €400k level! I just don’t know if anybody would be excited about living so close to a halting site. I never have, but I would imagine that there would probably be some disadvantages to doing so, such as the obvious fact it may be difficult to re-sell the house in the future. If they settled for 450k, it would work out at €166k/acre - surely somebody would be willing to give that. In all likelihood, though, I think it is probably worth a bit more, just can’t figure out what to value it at with the halting site right beside it.

the probable buyers of this will be Travellers, given the price range it’s now getting down to

Have to agree with you there. Given the location of the halting site behind it and the fact that they seem to be building on to the site at the moment I can’t see anyone who would want to live there other than those already living to the rear of it.
Shame really, because it’s a really nice house on a good site in a very good location.

I’m sure that this scenario would be the neighbours biggest fear also, but it’s heading that way

It probably has some value to the council, they could buy it and extend the halting site.

You could not pay me to live there. … 72849.html

Presumably the big fear, in the event of the property being sold to travellers, is the prospect of them going on to install a large cohort of their caravan-dwelling brethren on its grounds. Could they actually do this? (legally, I mean…)