St Ciallins View, Fenagh, Co. Leitrim (-124k,-43%)

265k -> 165K

Hmmm, nice house.
Phone Between Hours: Anytime - bit desparate on the EA’s part???

please post evidence of all your prices in the future.

here’s proof of 265k:

It also says the property was at 289k

check out the daft advert,

under features

* Main Sewage and Water
* Beside the village of Fenagh
* **Reduced by 100k**
* Abbey View property

That’s fine then. An EA would never lie or exaggerate. :laughing:

Seriously though, some independent evidence is more trustworthy.

Sale Agreed :angry:

This would of dropped more…

It’s not too late if you really wanna live in Fenagh… here’s one just round the corner
269K => 150K (-44.3%)

Your man Gerry McLoughlin is pulling no punches. Good to see a realistic EA

No longer sale agreed