St Joseph deliver me from negative equity

The mind boggles at some of the pagan rituals practiced by Christians. This one is supposed to get your house sold. The ceremony involves burying a statue of this saintly dude upside down. I suspect a special incantation may improve the prospects of a sale. :open_mouth: Apparently sales of the statue are up in Ireland.

Does the new buyer get to keep the statue?

If your house doesnt sell can you blame it on the statue of limitations (gets coat and leaves )

I’m sure St Joseph is thrilled.

Re: Thread Title: I thought Mr. Duffy had received a prehumous canonisation.

Sounds like a great business idea for a recession - could scale the size of the statues according to the size of the negative equity.

Do you know I think there might be a few people out there who would like to bury Joe irrespective of house sales. :angry:

This appeals to my sense of humus.

I forgot to mention we also reduced the asking price by 50%. But it was definitely that upside down buried statue wot did it.

Praise jeebus.

If the 50% cut doesn’t work then it’s obviously a job for St Jude, patron Saint of hopeless and desperate cases.

This practice was being mentioned in and around the Casey Serins blogs about three years ago!

On days like this, reading stories like these, I just want to get off this crazy rock. Humans are a mad, bad, scary, ignorant bunch of loons really.

Yeah, that overpriced lump of plaster with alleged supernatural powers that you buried in your garden magically sold your house. Of course it did Madam. Now get on the truck.

I find it interesting that St Joseph would lure someone into purchasing an over-priced property in a falling market. Can Saints be struck off for being bastards?

Burying the estate agent upside down would be more pleasing.

Only if it were on an ant hill. :angry:

Bill Hicks on creationism and dinosaur fossils…

“Dude, I think God put you here to test my faith…”

When I originally heard about this a few years ago, I was going to try and source the statues in China, then sell them online. However, my Catholic wife told in no uncertain terms what she thought of this idea! Damn. :slight_smile: