St. Jude's, Sandymount Green, Sandymount, Dublin 4

WIW or more like what will it go for?

Location is perfect for many, the is an acceptable sized garden but it needs plenty of work.

No Parking, €200k+ refurb required


{enters left}

Nope, things still not right… {exits right}


my sentiments exactly.

love the garden though, an unusual feature in that area i would have thought.

Love the garden too, was very surprised its so nice. No parking though and needs a huge amount of work. I do like it though. I think they will get about 500k

Parking an absolute 'mare, but a potential trophy home looking out on Sandymount Green.

Priced according to the work needed I reckon.

Needs a huge amount of work - work would be in excess of 250k as needs absolute gutting.
Great location!

Will this kind of property exist in five years time? As in nicest 1% of locations in Dublin but possibly worst 1% in terms of internal condition.

I mean, with a property tax and all, won’t all those asset-rich cash-poor types be forced to mobilise their wealth a little more sensibly into smaller, less desirably-located houses? Judging by the pictures on your standard estate sale there are a lot of these people all over Dublin. This would cost €100k a month or so in property tax, which is quite a chunk out of a non-contributory state pension.

Pearse Doherty is in attendance.