St. Kilda, Clonroad, Ennis, Co. Clare (-35k) -10%

was €350k … cd=1&gl=ie

now €315k … &id=373896

was €315k … cd=2&gl=ie

Still €315k … D=qpswqtwx

What are SherryFitz Ennis playing at?

The property bee and the internet is not the be all and end all of where the price of houses are listed. We can’t say for sure that it wasn’t more expensive.

The price was more expensive before 24th Sept (€350k) - but this “price reduction” message only appeared today - nearly two months later.

Ok, well then it’s a valid claim.

It’s a valid claim, sure. But a bit misleading stating that it’s a €35k price reduction two months after the fact…

They don’t date it.