St Marys Road, Ballsbridge, D4

2 on St Marys Road to choose from … ge/1910925 … -4/2071228

I’d take either, if you’re buying. Lovely road.

Yep - its a lovely road. Unfortunately all of the houses in this road (certainly the side that these two are on) sold their rear access to have universally ugly ‘mews’ houses built on them. No rear access, park on the street, a short garden (the more expensive one dodges this issue by a careful diagonal shot out of the gothic door - the cheaper one has a pretty blatant shot of what you have to deal with from a landscaping point of view).

As the dragons might say ‘At this price - I’m out’. IMHO you can get better value in Ranelagh with more amenities for 3/4 of the price.

No7 downstairs pics seem very dull. Seems to be multiple lamps in each room to trying to brighten it up. Looks like there’s really poor natural lighting. Not helped with dark decoration.

No19 Looks like it was flooded and the ceiling collapsed and was hastily fixed. The garden is ugly and badly overlooked. It’s a lot of square feet to have to refurbish and this house looks like it needs big money put into it. No matter your budget though you’ll never have privacy.

On a slightly unrelated topic; why do DNG and Sherry Fitz seem to think that St. Mary’s road is ‘widely regarded’ as one of the best streets in Ballsbridge? With the exception of some of the more attractive double fronted ones, the houses are ordinary, insignificant red bricks with limited gardens and no parking. I’m really not interested in this street at all.

I do like No. 7, it’s very quirky but won’t appeal to everybody. Thankfully the garden hasn’t been developed and you could still (subject to P.P.) get rear access to create private parking, or build a garage. That said, the garden is by no means big so you’ll be sacrificing a lot unless you go for some non-intrustive pebbles back there that could still be used as a part of the garden if necessary.

No. 19 is a boring wreck with no garden worth mentioning - it’s more of an extremely overlooked patio - and its price is ludicrous.

I wouldn’t buy a thing at the current prices, but if I was out of my mind and wanted to buy something now around there I’d go for something more a long the lines of 24 Waterloo Road … -4/2085830

It’s not good value, I don’t even like the road that much (my heart is set on Wellington Road), but the finish appears to be superb, it’s a nice size at 3800sq.ft, it has secure parking for 2 cars and a nice rear garden. It ticks all of the boxes.

I like the road and the two level arrangement of these houses.

I can’t imagine a millionaire buyer being enthralled at the state of the back of no. 19. It’s f terrible.

No. 7 slightly the better of the two, but overall two vastly overpriced houses that are in a total mess.

Buy 1st gaff. Remove hallway wallpaper. Sell gaff. Instant profit.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the 4/5 storey IBM building across Baggot lane at the back of No.7. The building is right up to the edge of the lane. Haven’t been in the house so don’t know exactly how much it is over looked by it. Would be a major con for me though. If I’m spending 1.5+m after renovations I wouldn’t want that ugly building out my back window!

24 Waterloo Road Sale Agreed (with an asking price of €1,900k but I hear on the grape vine that it closed at €1.75m)

One of the draw backs with this type of house is that the rear gardens are 100% over looked by neighbours on each side.

I know Haddington road is busier and not as leafy but this looks like a bargain in comparison to the 2 in the OP

Very close to the drug clinic on Haddington Road.

Is that still there? I used to live in the area and always looked out for clientele but never saw any signs (admittedly I was a little further away).

Either way I’d think the odds of junkie zombies invading your home are still low

I believe that it’s no longer a methadone clinic. At least, the clientèle have improved dramatically in the last 5 years or so. It’s a community health centre AFAIK so they do baby-weighing, STD testing, etc but nothing antisocial.

7 now € 1,350K

#19 still at 1,300,000 Euros.

Look, if I won the lottery I might actually consider No. 7 at that price. Provide I could convert the front lawn into a single car parking space for my Black Range Rover HSE V8 TDI.

Anyway, No. 19 does actually have TWO PIANOS. A grand in the piano room, as well as an upright in the bar room
Living in Style.

For the record, was previously 1.6m and 1.45m

It sold for 1.663m … and-65387/

I hear No 19 sold for 950k.

No. 7 has very profound subsidence. You can’t stand in it without feeling dizzy as the floors slant off to one side.

If every one wants to end up in the hall!

Not roller disco. Man with one leg longer than other walking South, South East.