St.McCreevy and selective amnesia.

McCreevy blasts EU financial regulators
Thursday, 26 February 2009 16:34
European Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has lashed banking and financial regulators, saying the system had ‘aided and abetted’ the creation of a super-bubble.

Speaking to hedge fund managers in Brussels, Mr McCreevy said the regulatory and supervisory systems in Europe and the US had tolerated relaxed lending practices and the accumulation of unsustainable debt by households, individuals and companies.

Read Mr McCreevy’s speech in full

While he said regulation was not the root cause of the problem, it did allow the emergence of business models based on what he called ‘flimsy and highly leveraged foundations’.

The Internal Market and Services Commissioner also said the regulatory regime exacerbated the depth of the crisis because it had the effect of putting more money into an already booming economy.

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Talk about brass neck.

Gunter Verhuegen(vice president of the EU commission) was on Pat Kenny this morning. He said and repeated that Ireland in particular forcibly resisted increased regulation in this area.Charlie McCreevey was part of that drive for light touch regulation. Where are the journalists pointing this out? The hypocrisy is breath taking!I have the link below, his interview is around 1hr 55mins in.,null,200,

This guy is gooooood.

Actually it was the root cause, and guess who was the root cause of this weak regulation.

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Giving out about pro-cyclical fiscal policies and too much consumer debt as well!

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McCreevy is getting his revisionism in nice and early.

I wonder is he positioning himself as a potential FF saviour were there to be a have against Clowen post June elections?

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He’s just spouting off in order to hold on to his job. Apparently he has been resisting regulation HIMSELF and according to the papers has been sidestepped by someone who will take a tougher stance.

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Charlie “if i have it i’ll spend it” McCreevy.

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