St. Peter's, 91 Ailesbury Road, Ballsbridge (-2m, -40%)

Was asking 5m in May 2011 … daterange=

Now 3.95m
530 Sq. Metres (5,705 Sq. Feet)
€692/sq ft

Looks like we havent hit the bottom after all.

oh so you think this is worth less that the current asking price ?

I do not claim to know what the price should be but the back garden is quite poor - a lovely house inside with a massively disappointing garden, overlooked by an apartment complex built in its formerly probably-large garden, sold off sometime in the past.

it sure aint worth 4 of these…


prices still dropping = bottom not reached

There is a big difference between asking prices and actual selling prices.

This is a lovely house however it does not have any type of meaningful back garden.

Thus it was always going to be a difficult house to sell.

IMO it will struggle to make €3 million.

43 ailesbury rd which was on a better part of the road AND a very nice mews (over 2000 sq ft) went for 2 .65 m!! 91 has been ruined by the back garden development and should not go for more tha 2.8m i would say. But one never knows!

I didn’t know there was a better part to the road (ignoring the bit on the far side of merrion road).

The church is next door ( busy and parking issues) , an apartment block right behind you and a larger ugly 60s block across the road. A row of not very attractive houses across the road. I would take the middle of the road around the shrewsbury intersection any day.

Given the age profile of people living on the road being next door to the church might have its advantages.

It is a lovely house but it’s got an awful extension to the rear.

Am I also correct that it has no garden of any merit to the rear?

The garden is paved and ugly to be brutally frank, and overlooked by an apartment building. The extension by comparison is not bad but of course it depends upon personal taste.

Now 3m … -4/1934255
Any takers?

Getting there!! Suddenly even 2.8 seems a lot given that back garden and overlooking apartment block

The ironic thing is, the back garden would be substantial were the extention not there.
Given the original house is probably close to 3000 sq/ft, the extenion is perhaps wholly unnecessary.

This is a stunning house, the garden is not huge but it is very private - surely a potential buyer of that house is more interested in the ‘period home’ and not the back garden?

Are you working for Lisney or related to the vendor?

Have to say I agree with Mr Anderson. The garden is very disappointing for such a beautiful ( and expensive) house.

Now AMV 2.7m … 5699/?ea=1