St Petersburg Cafe Explosion Assassination Intel Slava Z

Has Intel Slava Z been assassinated?

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RUSSIA :ru: Officers stormed the apartment of Darya Trepova, who is suspected of killing pro-Putin blogger and war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky. (Intel Slava)

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鈥淭atarsky, whose real name was Maxim Fomin, had more than 560,000 followers on Telegram and was one of the most prominent of the influential military bloggers who have provided an often critical running commentary on Russia鈥檚 war in Ukraine.鈥 (Reuters)



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An explosion in a St Petersburg cafe鈥 kills pro Kremlin blogger- Famous Russian blogger and war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky was at a meeting in St Petersburg in a cafe. A girl handed him a statue with TNT (probably). The explosion destroyed the cafe. Tatarsky was killed. At least six others were injured.

The Telegram account is still posting updates

April 02

:ukraine::ru::zap: An improvised explosive device that went off in a St. Petersburg cafe was carried there by a girl. This is reported by several media at once.

She hid the IED in a figurine, which she presented to military commander Vladlen Tatarsky, who died as a result of the terrorist attack.

:zap:The murder of Vladlen Tatarsky in the center of St. Petersburg is not just a spit > in the face of the Russian special services and the authorities of our president鈥檚 hometown. This podzhopnik with a running start, executed brazenly and boldly. A terrorist attack in the country鈥檚 second largest city. Another proof that there is no more safe rear.

We are at war with an enemy who is not shy in choosing means, does not disdain ISIS manuals. They have a war, and we have a military special operation. The wedge must be knocked out with a wedge. I will be very disappointed in the power apparatus of the state if something deadly and mysterious does not happen in the near future, for example, with the head of the GUR Budanov. Or the long-promised strikes on decision-making centers will not begin.

There are no more red lines. 鈥淕estures of good will鈥 only spur the excitement of our enemies. They perceive any concession as weakness. Stop being patient already. It鈥檚 time to bare your teeth and do something terrible. Stop being gentlemen and hanging out with an enemy who wants to destroy us. The enemy understands only force. Otherwise, the next bomb may explode in front of the Kremlin.

Vladlen - eternal memory. They could not get him at the front, they vilely killed in the rear.

:ru::exclamation: The Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov took upon himself the coordination of the work of the special services and assistance to victims of the explosion in a cafe on Universitetskaya embankment, TASS was told in the press service of the city administration.

:ru::ukraine::exclamation:The IED that exploded in St. Petersburg in the cafe where Vladlen Tatarsky died was hidden in a figurine that was presented to the military commander - Ministry of Internal Affairs

:ru: So, this is the second terrorist attack carried out by the enemy鈥檚 special services in the very heart of Russia . The first was the daughter of Alexander Dugin, who died in the Moscow region, the second victim was Vladlen Tatarsky, who was killed in St. Petersburg.

Both of these attacks have one thing in common - the enemy chooses as his target well-known media personalities, who are not provided with sufficient protection, or neglect it. It also seems to be common to use a woman as a performer. At the same time, similar response measures are not carried out at all on enemy territory.

Both of these terrorist attacks in the center of the country are one big reminder to everyone that there is not some kind of special operation far from them, but a real war , and it can affect absolutely everyone, regardless of whether a person lives in a border village or the center of the capital .

We did not always agree with Vladlen in our view of current events and the need for certain steps on the part of the state, but the important thing is that he was one of us and we tried to do a common cause, which others will now continue. Everlasting memory.

:ukraine::ru::zap:The number of victims of the explosion in St. Petersburg has increased to 19 - Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

:ru: The earth must burn under the feet of any Kiev functionary, whether he is in uniform or not. Not a single human who has embarked on the path of war with Russia should feel safe, whether it be Artemovsk, Avdeevka, Kyiv, Lvov or Ivano-Frankivsk. Instead of thinking about why we don鈥檛 hit decision centers, we should ask why we don鈥檛 hit decision makers.

:ru::zap:The number of victims of the explosion in a cafe in St. Petersburg increased to 25 people, 19 were hospitalized - Beglov

:ru::belarus::zap:Nuclear weapons in Belarus will be moved to the western borders of the Union State - Russian Ambassador to Minsk Boris Gryzlov

:ru::ukraine::exclamation: An RBC source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that FSB explosives technicians are working at the explosion site in St. Petersburg

According to the preliminary version, the device was activated remotely . The fact that the girl was the initiator of the explosion is one of the versions. It is possible that other people are behind the murder. 鈥淭he event was known in advance,鈥 the source says. The information that an assassination attempt on Vladlen Tatarsky was being prepared was known to the Russian special services for a long time. It was also included in the 鈥淧eacemaker鈥 database.

:ru::ukraine::zap: The girl who handed the statuette to military commander Vladlen Tatarsky is in one of the hospitals in St. Petersburg, writes 112.

Doctors assess her condition as moderate. The participant of the creative evening is in the shock ward, her identity has not yet been established due to the lack of documents. It is still unknown whether the girl was involved in the explosion and is a performer, or if she could be used in the dark.

:ru::ukraine::zap:Presumably, the girl who handed the statuette to Tatarsky is called Maria Yarun, she is from Ivano-Frankivsk, she introduced herself at the creative evening as Anastasia, now she is in the hospital - the source of the RVNP

:ru::ukraine: Daria Trepova, a resident of St. Petersburg, has been detained on suspicion of murdering war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky, an informed source told Interfax on Sunday.

Darya Trepova, born in 1997, was detained on suspicion of killing Tatarsky, she was taken to the investigator, the source said. According to him, the investigation has reason to believe that Trepova brought to the cafe a box with a bust of Tatarsky, in which an explosive device was mounted.

:ru::exclamation:Trepova was detained in another rented apartment, where she went after the 鈥渋mage change鈥 from the Vasileostrovskaya metro station - source Shot

:ru::ukraine::zap:According to the security forces, the operation to eliminate Vladlen Tatarsky was prepared in advance and carefully planned, a source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs told RBC.

Several people took part in it, roles were assigned to them, he noted. Law enforcement officers are carrying out operational and technical measures aimed at identifying the individuals involved in the explosion, as well as finding out how they obtained explosives.

:ru::ukraine::zap:Daria Trepova was detained in the apartment of her husband鈥檚 friend, Fontanka learned.

The girl arrived in St. Petersburg from Moscow, but she did not plan to stay here for a long time - tickets to Uzbekistan were bought from the suspect.

:ru::ukraine::clown_face:"I was set up! I was just being used!" - the first words of Daria Trepova after the arrest (source Shot)