St Philomenas, Sorrento Road, Dalkey (-175k)

Was 600,000 (AMV at auction) … cd=1&gl=ie

Now 550,000

425k now, 29% drop

That is a classic agent fudge.

All about its potential for development but fails to mention how much land you get. :unamused:

EA says “Sale Agreed” at 200k but we all know what that means…Nothing!

There is zero land, you only get what the property stands on and there is a right of way all along the property.

Also on sales price, it was asking 150k last week.

As someone who grew up in Dalkey, that house reminds me of the warts and all Dalkey,
some of which still exists - I think I even knew the old dear who lived there. Gold Coast me B**lix!!

Cycled past this place today, For Sale sign is still up.