Stage Two

Stage One was the collaspe of the asset bubbles in the west. This led to massive drops in tax revenues, and other effects.

We are now entering stage two, long predicted on the Pin.

Stage two is the collaspe of the governments, and countries, whose spending was based on the bubble. Cue flight to safety, US dollar and Gold. I dont get either BTW - you cant eat gold and they print dollars, lots of them, not worth the cotton they are printed on.

Gold is a precious metal and has been used as money for thousands of years. Gold is also a valuable commodity.

As for the dollar, that’ll be toilet paper anytime soon.

Another weekend ruined 8DD

No, lets wait for monday

The Dollar has a big army behind it.

So does the Euro!!

Looked it up on wikipedia.

US has about 540k in the army, EU has 1.6m. … ote-RoI-52

Kind of surprised.

You need to look at the numbers for the “Paramilitary” section for the EU.

You also need to look at the numbers for the US Armed Forces (not just the Army):