STAMP DUTY (MYTH) 2nd May Exchequer Returns … 10509.html

Please post all STAMP DUTY related articles & topics here. Lets BUST this MYTH!!

erm, which myth exactly? :question:

That myth that Stamp Duty is the cause of this crash.

We await with expectation the next set of returns from the exchequer. SO this is the place to post, postulate and anticipate to eventually revelate.

ahh right, gotcha. This really seems to be “Budget 2007 Part II”, ie the lack of stamp duty reforms then didn’t cause hte market to jump back up again, so why do people think it will jump backup if staamp duty is removed?

Ah jaysus this is starting to remind me of the whole NICE treaty sham.

Ok so, the vast majority of posters recognise SD as the red herring that it is.

Realistically, what are the potential outcomes post-GE? What will happen to the market if FF is returned and don’t touch SD, or if the Blueshirts are elected (unlikely) and tinker with the system? Would either scenario accelerate or temporarily postpone the unfolding crash?

I don’t really get the point of this thread.

Or is that the point? :open_mouth: