Stamp Duty

Hi Pinsters,

I’m just wondering what people think will happen with stamp duty when the much talked about Property Tax kicks in possibly in the next budget. One persumes that the property tax will supercede Stamp Duty and that we will not be expected to pay both. Is it likely that there will be a gradual reduction over 3 to 5 years or a total stop whic may result in calls for compensation for the few people who have bought houses in the past few months.


Predicting government policy is harder than predicting the economy itself. The last thing I read suggested the property tax may not now be introduced in the next budget.

To be honest though stamp duty would be least of my worries in the current climate, the stability of the entire economy and the state is far from certain right now.

me too

i reckon they’re too afraid of the voters involved to screw with property tax

Thta’s what they want you to think 8)
The longer they put off implementing it, the less likely it is that any releif or credit will be given to recent stamp duty payers.

Yes I agree the recent talk so down playing the likelihood of its introduction but that seems like a stalling tactic to me. I guess well just have to wait and see

Talk it down before Lisbon, then say it was unavoidable afterwards.