Standard Survey useless - do I need an Engineer's survey?

After much looking at different houses over last 6 months, watching the local market, and trying to gauge the financial benefit/costs or otherwise of buying now or in 2 years (even with a guestimate of 10-15% decrease in prices) - we have gone Sale Agreed on a small house in Dublin. We’re happy with the decision.

My issue is that the standard surveyor’s report that we received from surveyor/architect is, I feel, next to useless.
The information is very light. Indeed there’s nothing in the report - bar one small issue - that I didn’t see myself already. And a few issues that I did see, that the surveyor hasn’t commented on.
I guess I was just expecting a higher standard of diligence from the surveyor.

The house is not very old by Dublin city standards it’s a late 1980’s build.

As we don’t want to have to do any substantial work to the house over the coming years, and don’t want any big surprises, is it worth my while getting a full engineering structural survey done? Is it likely to be of any benefit to me other than peace of mind?
I do put a value on peace of mind through buying down risk - so if it was a few hundred euros up to a grand, I think I’d consider it.

If the main items that I’d like checked are the condition of the roof tiles, roof waterproofing, roof beams, floor beams, chimney condition and maybe a check of the house drains etc - is there another way to get this done?

Roughly how much would a decent structural survey cost in Dublin currently?

Any advice / experience would be greatly appreciated.

First, congratulations on the purchase of your home.

Second, I wonder how much did you pay for the standard surveyors report - and did you have a role in selecting them? Some kinds of surveys are pretty much designed to satisfy the minimum requirements of banks, not so much the purchaser. I’m asking because I wonder if a) you should be able to expect more detail for what you spent or b) you might go back to them and pay more (but less than starting from scratch with another engineer/surveyor) to get the detail you quite rightly want for peace of mind.

The surveyor was commissioned by ourselves, he’s not the bank’s valuer / surveyor.
I can go back and ask him for further detail - but I feel he’ll just put the usual disclaimers of “walk-through assessment of the house based on properties of that age/build/design”. Also, after receiving the report, I reviewed a few examples on-line and feel that he could have put more effort in. He wasn’t a cheap surveyor, he’s reputable - I just think he did the assessment quickly with not much detail. I don’t want to get caught with any large undiscovered issue after purchase goes through.

I guess I’m dissatisfied with the report detail, and I feel that maybe I should just go and commission an engineer for a full structural survey for peace of mind.
I don’t mind going with a different engineer - We have the time to get it done.
As a novice in house purchasing, I just don’t want to make a mistake - and maybe I’m being overly cautious.

I would strongly recommend to you. We used them on recommendation of a work colleague and their report done was very very detailed. The rest of my family members(brother , sisters and parents) couldn’t believe the detail they went into compared to their own experiences with other surveyors. His report certainly covered all you mention except the drains, you really would need a specialist with camera equipment for that like Dyno-rod.

Thanks for that. I’ll check them out.
It’s a tricky one, because I don’t want to get an unnecessarily detailed survey, but I don’t want to be caught short with a light one either - and miss something material for the sake of a couple of hundred quid. Especially as it’s the house that we’d see ourselves living in long-term.

Another thumbs up for property health check from me, was very happy with the thorough report I got on a house purchase around two years ago. On my recommendation a friend has used them twice, walking away from house #1 based on their report (flat roof that needed replacement).

We used Property Health Check as well, totally happ with report. He was very thorough and detaled. I followed up with a number of questions and he responded to me very quickly and in very clear terms. We pulled out of the sale on the basis of a structural issue that he reported on and are not sorry. have recommended him to others and they have all reported that they were very happy as well.

Best of luck with the purchase