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Ho le shit!

Terra… is this interior giving you inspiration for your rebuild?? That big steel beam you showed earlier in the week should be well capable of supporting your very own voyager!

This is so off the wall I had to set up an account to comment!

Firstly, the estate agent is way off, the design aesthetic is closer to the look of The Next Generation than to Voyager. Voyager’s computer displays were similar but the colours were much more muted. Surprised he didn’t sign off “may the Force be with you”. To add to the confusion as to what ship the flat is meant to reflect, picture 4 clearly shows the outline of a nebula class ship on the control panel. What’s stranger still is that the design reflects the look of the Enterprise’s bridge. I’d have thought (literally I have had this thought) if you wanted a Star Trek themed home you’d base it on Picard’s quarters or at the very least his ready room. Maybe the owner preferred the design of the bridge to Picard’s quarters’ middling hotel lobby from the '80s look.

Secondly, (and my actual point) years ago I saw this flat on the telly (surely there could not be a second flat like that somewhere in the UK that I’m confusing it with). Needless to say the fella that owned it was a bit odd. The really weird bit was that the flat was so specialised there was no room for a bed. The owner had to make do with a sleeping bag that he kept in the hollow behind a movable panel. He probably pretended the little cubby hole was a Jeffrey’s Tube.

Live long and prosper!

I was wondering that myself as I couldn’t see a bed!

@Garth of Izar, You’re bidding on this, right? Talking it down to get it at the right price…

Whats the BER like?

Nerd alert :smiley:

Now the estate agent left out some details…

“had to set up an account”… because you didn’t want to post under your usual account and out yourself as an über nerd?

Or maybe that’s the case and **I’m **the one who did that, and this post is a further effort to distract and deflect attention…

No wait, you are me, right? It’s all me… none of the rest of me really exist…

Out of this world! :-GC

Good spot. From that article, the EA does seem exceptionally bright

Does it include a replicator?

Or a holodeck?

I think the most amazing thing about this story is that a trekkie had a wife !

Two dilithium crystals per square kilometre per century.

Secret files reveal police feared that Trekkies could turn on society - -> … ciety.html

Sounds like the premise of one of the crappier episodes.