Starlink Spotting

Really well made website that shows visible satellites


I used it for the Starlink satellites but the predictions were wrong. Mind you, so is every other site I tried.

I saw 39 bang on time about a week ago; another batch in a few days.

What’s really amazing is how they integrated Street view to show you where they would appear relative to your gaff- though that’s gone due to costs so can’t comment on its accuracy

I have seen the spread out ones a few times now but would love to see the tightly packed together ones. Any tips?

That was freaky !

They stay clustered for some time (maybe a few weeks or couple of months?) after launch before spreading out along the orbit and moving higher / further away. I’ve found the prediction sites don’t seem to take account of that and have been disappointed a few times. I got one good look at a train of 40 or so in a 10 minute window a few weeks ago. Unfortunately Starlink 6 – the most recent batch launched on April 22nd – doesn’t come round to us until late May. Evening viewings, as opposed to early morning, aren’t until early June. And of course Musk is experimenting with making each batch less visible.

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An expensive screen saver. :thinking:

This video shows a “train” of SpaceX Starlink satellites crossing with each other on April 22, 2020, shortly after launch. This was a test of a laser communication system. Laser beams are not visible to the human eye because their wavelengths are not in the spectrum of visible light. Digital cameras can capture a wider range of wavelengths, so it is possible to capture laser beams in this case as well.

LOL. So much bullshit in one paragraph. The “science” is as fake as the video.

I did think it had a bit of a retro vibe to and the motion was a bit strange… I’ll drink coffee before I post anymore starlink videos!