State delimiting right to private housing

Has anyone seen this yet? The new Right to Housing bill - Section 3.2.

The state delimits the right to private housing… in the interests of the “residents”, not citizens, “residents” of Ireland.



2 Gaffs good. 4 Gaffs bad.

Know your limits comrade.

That’s a proposed bill by PBP which is more about them playing to their base than something which has a prospect of becoming law.

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That would be a relief if so - I’d seen it on twitter and in these strange times I didn’t quite know what to think of it :grimacing: so came here for insights!

Doing a search on PBP I see they try to introduce one back in 2017 as well, which was defeated in the Dail and then went to the finance committee.

Does he believe every resident has a right to a house or is he doing this for political theatre, knowing full well it will be rejected?

Option 1 makes him a naïve fool, option 2 is a calculated fool.

Its hard to know with RBB

Sincerity is the key to success in politics, once you can fake that, you got it made

I wonder will the future SF government support the idea

It is the kind of promise you can make when you know you’ll never have to keep it.

SF are getting to the point where, one day, they may be asked to keep the promises they make.

Who decides that it’s “appropriate to need”?
This would just reinforce the situation where people who have large families reject 3 and 4 bed houses because they’re unwilling for their same sex children to share bedrooms. Yet I never had my own bedroom until I left home and it didn’t traumatise me.
Or this kind of thing where Travellers refused to move in because they wanted half an acre of land to go with EACH house, for grazing horses. How many houses have half an acre?

Referendum on constitutional right to housing could be held next year

As predicted "you will be happy and own nothing " klaus Schwab

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Right to Housing Referendum - A Legal Review (Short Version)

Bullet point document may be found here:…

Is “right to housing” code for “right of the government to take land from land owners”?