State has paid Coughlan's uncle over €500,000 in rent

She has to go or else this type of thing will never stop

I think, in fairness, everyone in Donegal is related somehow so apparent conflicts of interest like this are inevitable.

Perhaps but should Mary Couglan declare this ‘interest’ for the sake of transparancy?

Nah this one is not a story. Fair enough they are related but she is not supporting him. He has an asset that the department needs. and besides she was not the minister for education in 2004

“Inbreeding and Cousin shifting” among business, politicans and the powers that be.
the story of our “Elite” locally and nationally
Shure whats wrong with keeping it in the family, charity does begin at home after all. :angry:

Oh I don’t know shanieboy01, my default position with stories that concern FF is that it is some sort of stroke/scam, I need proof that it is not, to believe that all is above board :slight_smile:
Is that building the only one in Donegal town that could serve this specific purpose. What is known about the tendering process? Did the Breslins have prior knowledge of the educational requirements? It smells, maybe not to the standard level of FF stink but there is a smell none the less.

€90,000 a yearr??

folly upon folly

This reminds me of where the electronic voting machines are stored in Co Monaghan - stored by the nephew of the county register of elections on a 25 year lease and the machines have only a life span of 15 years or so… This is real Sopranos stuff…

It would be interesting to see who the other two leases went to…!!.. I’d guess more FF cronies…


“Well Clancy,wed love to give you that information,we really would...but you know yourself...these things can be difficult in a small open economy such as ours...its a bit Commercially Sensitive you understand ?..sure you can try again in 30 years…things might have changed by then”… :unamused:

This is trivial really - the total State rent bill is IIRC well north of half a billion every year. And every single line of that bill needs to be investigated.

Add in the other “landlord welfare” measures like the social welfare rent allowance to put an artificial floor on rental values, and the endless billions on quango jobs-for-the-boys and corrupt supply contracts of all kinds, and many billions of euro are siphoned out of your wallet and into the pockets of FF cronies each year.

That is the true source of the budget deficit - corruption.