State pays €1m a year in rent as new office is delayed … 19638.html

Every town in the midlands is like this. Bankrolled on wealth transfers from Central Government.
PortLaoise is in BIFFO’s constituency and he has to flash the cash in Laois if he is to bring in 3 out of 5 TDs in the constituency since his powerbase is in Offaly.
Central Govt. is never any good at negotiating low rent rates either and make multi-millionaires out of landlords and estate agents in provincal towns.

I never really bought in to the idea of decentralisation but for those public sector workers who it suits to work down the country it is great. It is also great for the local politicians. They can either bust their gut and demean themselves by bending over to let a multi-national ride them to get a couple of hundred low paying unskilled jobs which can evaporate in the blink of an eye or they can play musical chairs and just move a Dept. with loads of well paid public sector jobs down the country; it’s a no brainer really.

Why there are project overruns on the building’s construction is a mystery to me when there is so much idle labour in the construction industry at the moment but OPWs involvement may explain that.

I wonder how long the leases are on these rentals?

Chances are even after the new offices are built (if they ever are) the state will be paying rents on these offices as they lie idle for years to come.

I wonder who owns them.

First thing that came to my head as well.
Mind you, I’m beyond being surprised anymore.