Station View, Coolmine Lane, Castleknock (-951k, -70.4%)

Was 1,350,000


Now 1,000,000

A one-off new build. It’s a grand enough place, but 1 million, and you’re not even in the proper part of Castleknock.

Also, they could have cleared away all the building tools for the photos.

Now 950k

-400k, -29.6% overall

Now 695k

This house is appalingly located. The path in the picture is a public footpath heavily used by commuters getting to the train station. People are passing by 3-4 feet from your window. Site is incredibly long and narrow, thus no privacy as described.
(I’ve walked past it myself.)

I completely agree iwth you there, I walked past it yesterday and most of th windows are smashed at the footpath side, I cant see them selling this for anything near what they are looking for. Even when a prospective buyer is going to see it the way you reach it looks awful, full of weeds and rubish.

Now 650k

Actually, this seems to be the same place for 595k

Back on market at €399K. Builders tools are still in evidence.